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LiberatED Fellows are educators who:

Desire to transform their teaching practice to support students’ holistic development and mental health through SEL that centers on racial justice and healing;

Are on a journey to understand the effects of race and privilege on their identity formation and how their identity shapes their leadership and teaching;

Have demonstrated experience working in racial and social justice efforts; 

Are open to honest reflection and dialogue about their leadership, teaching, and activism; and, 

Are ready to co-build and engage with other educators in a community of care.

We welcome full-time classroom teachers, guidance counselors, school leaders, deans, paraprofessionals, and any others working within school systems to apply.


Fellows are highly encouraged to attend all program sessions. During the Fellowship, Fellows are expected to contribute to co-building a community of care, complete the associated readings (1-2 articles per session,) and share feedback through ongoing surveys or interviews.


We encourage you to visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions as this information will be beneficial in helping you prepare for your application and the LiberatED Fellowship.


Want to Apply to be a Fellow?

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